Alexander the Great Graphed

For the Artificial Intelligence known as the History Machine, sometimes the statistics can get lost in translation, so we have created a visual graph of what a commander looks like. The scale goes from 0 to 10, where 10 is a perfect score and 0 being an absolute catastrophic failure (which is almost impossible). An average commander will score a 5 in all categories. 

History Machine Graphed:

Alexander The Great Graph, History Machine Podcast


Win Record: 10/10

With a perfect military record and no loss to his name, Alexander scores a perfect score here, you cannot argue with results.

Winning Against The Odds: 7/10

Scoring a 7/10 here is extremely impressive, given the advanced unit types, well drilled and veteran army, Alexander still shows that he had the calibre to manage and utilise his troops to efficiency. 

Saving His Men: 5/10

At first glance this might seem quite low, but here Alexander is only okay at preventing his men from dying. He spends lives at an average rate. Not good, but not bad either. 

Killing the Enemy: 6/10

Alexander isn't quite a butcher, but he shows a good level of wiping out the enemy armies in a battle. Above average, but by no means is that the main aspect or strategy. 

Killing the Enemy Leader: 5/10

Here Alexander shows a common feature among Macedonian armies at this time, namely: "Kill the King". You might be surprised this is not higher, but remember, Darius got away from a charging Alexander... twice. 

Survive a Battle: 3/10 

Finally, the lowest score for Alexander, the History Machine believes that he put himself at great risk for most, if not all of his battles. It believes he should have died somewhere along his many campaigns.