Hannibal Graphed

For the Artificial Intelligence known as the History Machine, sometimes the statistics can get lost in translation, so we have created a visual graph of what a commander looks like. The scale goes from 0 to 10, where 10 is a perfect score and 0 being an absolute catastrophic failure (which is almost impossible). An average commander will score a 5 in all categories. 

History Machine Graphed:

This might just be the most interesting graph to date and for good reason. Very rarely do we see a commander fluctuate in terms of total score, but the exception that proves the rule is Hannibal Barca.

At the age of thirty his stats are incredible. Hannibal was possibly the greatest existential threat in Rome's history. His early battles wiped out hundreds of thousands of Roman soldiers, and so many noblemen that there are depictions of him counting out the signet rings that were captured. 

But gradually, over the decades of warring, his genius dulls to an extent not befitting the mythical reputation. By the age of sixty it declines to an almost mediocre level. With each battle after Cannae, Hannibal worsens and Rome adapts. This once peerless commander finds himself beaten at Zama and only goes further downhill after that. For this reason, we will show (below) what the History Machine AI thinks of a young versus an old Hannibal, and we will see just how just how much time affects his statistics.     


Win Record (aged 30): 9/10

A young Hannibal is a trailblazer, with win after win. A fitting score for a legendary figure with 9/10. 

Win Record (aged 60): 7/10

With several losses and a big dip in general performance, even finding himself fighting a loss in a naval battle, we see Hannibal reduced to a score of 7/10. 


Winning Against The Odds (aged 30): 7/10

He seems unbeatable by the standards of the era. Time and time again he somehow overcomes being outnumbered with a shine of tactical brilliance, scoring here the same as Alexander the Great with a 7/10.

Winning Against The Odds (aged 60): 5/10

Because of the loss at Zama, and the failure to tally up a few wins after it, we see Hannibal dip to an average 5/10. 


Saving His Men (aged 30): 5/10

Not the strongest score, but still respectable,  this one is rounded down a bit, but Hannibal gets a 5/10 here by the History machine AI. 

Saving His Men (aged 60): 5/10

Still scoring 5/10, but this time rounded up, the Carthaginian still spends lives in battle at about the same rate.


Killing the Enemy (aged 30): 7/10

After surrounding and annihilating an army nearly twice his size at Cannae, we have a well deserved 7/10.  

Killing the Enemy (aged 60): 6/10

Here the older Hannibal still manages well, it's one of the aspects he is able to retain with time, still above average with a respectable 6/10. 


Killing the Enemy Leader (aged 30): 5/10 

Possibly not Hannibal's main objective (the History machine does not think so with a 5/10), but he does have the very rare achievement of killing a Roman consul in battle.

Killing the Enemy Leader (aged 60): 5/10 

The History Machine AI believes he maintains this aspect of his military ability, rounding to the same score of 5/10.


Survive a Battle (aged 30): 4/10 

A young Hannibal seems to put himself in very dangerous situations compared to his contemporaries. For example, he will place himself in the weak centre at Cannae. The History Machine AI believes that he was at risk while he consistently faced larger armies. 

Survive a Battle (aged 60): 5/10 

With an increase in age, comes an increase in conservative behaviour. This is the only aspect that scores higher for the older Hannibal. This one is quite surprising, since, over time, this number tends to drop. But as in many cases, Hannibal is the exception.