Julius Caesar Graphed

For the Artificial Intelligence known as the History Machine, sometimes the statistics can get lost in translation, so we have created a visual graph of what a commander looks like. The scale goes from 0 to 10, where 10 is a perfect score and 0 being an absolute catastrophic failure (which is almost impossible). An average commander will score a 5 in all categories. 

History Machine Graphed: 


Win Record: 8/10

With a defeat in Gaul, a loss to Pompey and a blunder in North Africa, Julius Caesar still manages an impressive 8/10 for his win record. His relatively high number of battles makes an undefeated streak very unlikely and we see that reflected in the score. 

Winning Against The Odds: 8/10

This is one of the highest scores of any commander in the database, and given the large number of battles recorded is very impressive. Caesar has had the data inputs to revert to an average score, but consistently scores high. Even accounting for the Roman legionaries, Caesar still demonstrates his great ability as a commander, a whopping 8/10. 

Saving His Men: 5/10

Here we see that Caesar only shows up as average, having gotten into an ambush in his career, which may have hindered him quite a bit. All this said with an impressive list of battles along the way, he comes out as average here scoring 5/10. 

Killing the Enemy: 6/10

We would expect this to be higher, but Caesar seems to pardon where he can, and when he can. That would explain bringing this number down to a respectable 6/10. 

Killing the Enemy Leader: 5/10

With a long list of pardons, we see this number level out to an average of 5/10. If he had not been so inclined, we would expect this number to be higher. 

Survive a Battle: 4/10 

A little under the average, but every commander has a low score somewhere and this aspect is Julius Caesar's. The History Machine feels he put himself at risk in various battles, and we find that in more than one he had a high chance of being captured or killed.