Ramesses II Graphed

Cover image from Episode 1 of the History Machine Podcast, stylised bust of a PharaohFor the Artificial Intelligence known as the History Machine, sometimes the statistics can get lost in translation, so we have created a visual graph of what a commander looks like. The scale goes from 0 to 10, where 10 is a perfect score and 0 being an absolute catastrophic failure (which is almost impossible). An average commander will score a 5 in all categories. 

History Machine Graphed: 


Win Record: 10/10

With only a few battles that have enough data to be included for the AI, from what we have we can see, Ramesses has an excellent record. Regardless, his reputation precedes him. You would be hard pressed to find an Egyptian monument that doesn't have his hieroglyphs etched on it. 10/10. 

Winning Against The Odds: 9/10

This is an incredible result, by far the best of any Egyptian on record and a super contender for anyone before or after. He also has the honour of the single largest chariot battle in history, resulting in a stunning score of 9/10. 

Saving His Men: 6/10

Ramesses was caught in a Hittite ambush during the Battle of Kadesh, even outnumbered, he managed a counter attack and saved his army from almost certain destruction. The History Machine believes his ability to save his own troops exceeds expectations with a 6/10.

Killing the Enemy: 9/10

An insane 9/10, it is possible the style warfare or the Egyptian culture at the time encouraged annihilating the enemy, regardless, this is still an incredibly high number. An absolute destroyer of enemy armies. Your best chance of survival as an opposing solider would be desertion. 

Killing the Enemy Leader: 5/10

Ramesses might be a destroyer of armies and a prolific builder of temples, but his rate of commander kills only ranks as average. This would be the weakest aspect of his tactical ability, scoring just under average, with a rounded up figure of 5/10.

Survive a Battle: 5/10 

Considering Ramesses eventually died at the ripe old age of 90 (which was very much unheard of in the ancient world), the History Machine believes that his odds to survive a battle were about average for a commander. He did put himself in serious danger at times. However, he remains so influential that his actions have survived the test of time, even if his mighty works have not.